Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Awake, O sleeper


 Sometimes I feel asleep inside.

 I have a great husband, a cozy home, and we know we are    
 where God wants us. We feel  like we're in that cozy,
 preparation time. Things are normal...saving money, having
 lots of good fellowship, using our home to love people in.

 BUT...sometimes my heart is asleep. My mind knows what's
 going on is good. My spirit can't seem to understand the same.
 I get angry. Why can't this good stuff be good, Lord? Why
 can't I feel?

 I've tried ignoring Him, being angry with Him, feeling

 Then I got to that point, again. That place where I'm so worn
 out. So I cried and I yelled. And once I was done,

 I sat in quietness and whispered to Him,

 "Awaken my sleeping heart."

 He did.

 We are in a war. Someone is fighting against
 us, to make us fall asleep to what our Lord is
 doing. I can't think of anything worse than
 sleeping through His exceedingly abundantly
 for us.

 Let God awaken us to this truth:

 The war is already won. Christ is risen from
 the grave, our lives are hidden in we 
 are alive. 

 Let us live up to what have already attained.

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