Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Sunday afternoon, I had some sweet woman time with my friend, Laura. 

My husband had some sweet brother time on the golf course.

He called me on his way home and said he had a surprise. I thought he was going to bring me a fountain dew from the gas station...don't laugh, they really are a great surprise. 

Instead, he brought me this treasure:
Free table!

I couldn't believe how blessed I was.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
Well, not exactly, I only second-guessed myself a few times. Then we looked through 3,279 50 paint samples and finally decided on the perfect blue-green color. A color I found in an old Lucky magazine. It was actually a trenchcoat, but hey, isn't that how all the designers do it. 

The husband took me to Lowe's at 7:30 a.m. on Monday to get the paint and now I have this precious blessing that makes me smile every time I walk in my living room..

I'm pairing the bright turquoise with milk glass vases and my favorite coconut candle.

bits of splendor monday
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lakeside Park roses

Saturday night lovies...

 Oh, look what I found...

My favorite boots.

There are very few candid pictures of me that I enjoy. But this one...I just was truly happy. Getting ready for my wedding, pushing boxes of decorations, with my best friends.
And I see beauty when I look at that picture.
And that unwashed hair, girl? Fabulous.

Hello, booty!

God, thank you for giving me friends to pin up all them wardrobe malfunctions. No joke, my slip was totally showing. But hey, I wanted to give everyone at my wedding an opportunity to practice mercy and grace. They did.

First picture right after the ceremony

Husband, I love you. Because you were my best friend long before I was ever your "wife." And this was the only thing we could come up with to pose after all that craziness. I really get tired of posing for pictures.

First home

When I see this picture, it will always say to me, "First home." This is the view from our first "home" as married kiddos. Honeymoon, you were full of comfort and grace.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Awake, O sleeper


 Sometimes I feel asleep inside.

 I have a great husband, a cozy home, and we know we are    
 where God wants us. We feel  like we're in that cozy,
 preparation time. Things are normal...saving money, having
 lots of good fellowship, using our home to love people in.

 BUT...sometimes my heart is asleep. My mind knows what's
 going on is good. My spirit can't seem to understand the same.
 I get angry. Why can't this good stuff be good, Lord? Why
 can't I feel?

 I've tried ignoring Him, being angry with Him, feeling

 Then I got to that point, again. That place where I'm so worn
 out. So I cried and I yelled. And once I was done,

 I sat in quietness and whispered to Him,

 "Awaken my sleeping heart."

 He did.

 We are in a war. Someone is fighting against
 us, to make us fall asleep to what our Lord is
 doing. I can't think of anything worse than
 sleeping through His exceedingly abundantly
 for us.

 Let God awaken us to this truth:

 The war is already won. Christ is risen from
 the grave, our lives are hidden in we 
 are alive. 

 Let us live up to what have already attained.