Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'll be home for Christmas

Our elf sits like a man

Monogrammed bracelet for our anniversary! 

Downtown Ft. Wayne at Christmas

Uncle and nephew

To-go mugs..because we always lose them.

My christmas present!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Look what GOD has done

One of my friends text me a few nights ago:
"Your first anniversary is in a week! How amazing, look what God 
 has done in just a year."

I can't believe it. 
I'm glad God doesn't count time as what is the most meaningful. 

People have been asking me whether I thought the first year was the hardest, and I'm unsure of how to answer them. 
We are positive we will have years that are more difficult in outward circumstances, but those years will be so blessed by our relying on God's grace. 

And I'm sure there will be years where we struggle more inwardly. But they can't seem to be measured by anything but how much grace He gives. That's all that's left to see. 

This year has been a whirlwind. 
There is so much I dont remember. 
Good stuff, bad stuff. 
It's a blur.
After a year, we're left with no points we can add up of how many months we got along well or how much we prayed together or what we did... 
All we have is this great shadow of Him over it all. 

We're humbled and we're thankful, and we're most certainly different, though I couldn't describe exactly how.

Every marriage looks different. What is difficult for us might not faze you. 

So, if you're a newlywed, enjoy the journey of figuring it out together. Don't be discouraged and don't look around at other people! 

To get really "practical, everyday life" with you, here's what "good" looks like for us:

- I feel tons of pressure to cook meals for my husband. Pressure I put on myself. Partly because I want to serve my husband, but mostly because of my pride. I want to exceed the expectations as "wife." Ya know, so I can hear the crowd's applause in my mind.
The truth is, Clarke is a better cook. He loves to cook. Most of the week he makes it home before me. So it just works for us that he does most of the cooking. Now that I've accepted this, I can enjoy it and have a grateful heart for him serving me that way.

- I'm the laundry girl. It's my thing. Don't try and fold it. Don't even look at my laundry.

P.S. These things are subject to change as we move through the seasons of this life.

- 99.999% of the time, we go to bed at the same time. Our weird schedules don't align for most hours of the day, so even that sleep-time is precious, quality time.

- I had to learn that my husband needs time to himself. Even if it's just for ten minutes. He studies better if he gets away from the house for awhile. Give him ten minutes (go ahead, give him an hour) of uninterrupted time with a book or his bible, and thank Jesus that He is your husband's first love. 

- My husband is funny all the time. All the time, people. I could be embarrassed or I could get over it and enjoy life. I got over it.

Last and least: we know how to argue. Oooh, can a conversation go from hilarious to ticked off in a jiffy. But Jesus is working on our hearts and we're for real submitting our wrong thoughts to Him. Oh, and these lips have spoken some horrible words to my husband. Awful. I would have to bleep them out on blogger. 

What I'm trying to say is...

I am fallen. We are depraved. But we don't have to stay in our junk. Our lives are now hidden in Christ. And He is painting a glorious picture with this marriage. 

I'm raising my glass (of water. bahaha) to however many more days or months or years God gives us this marriage. Lord, make your name famous. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crazy people

It's almost Christmas.

Monday is our 1 year anniversary.

To celebrate, I give you...

A list:

1.) We are crazy people, over here. We like to wrestle, quote movies, and talk in silly voices. We're the bomb at fake arguing. Yes, we bought an elf on the shelf. No, we don't have children, we just thought it would be hilarious to hide him all over the house from each other.

2.) Are Christmas cards vain? This was our first year sending one and I feel kinda weird sending people a card that is saying, "Hey, look at all these pictures of me, don't I have nice hair?" Okay, not really. This card is about the gospel, baby. We chose it for the "and the hope of Christ alone." That killed my heart. He's our hope and every season is beautiful because he was born to live for us and die for us. That was the way the Father decided to bring Glory to Himself and it wrecks my heart over and over that He wants us for His glory.

Naptime Diaries Christmas Card

3.) The house is glowy right about now and I could keep it like that all year.

4.) My husband is being sneaky with gifts. I have to just tell someone, I've noticed the sneak! So, ya know, once those fabulous gifts come out of the box, YOU can vouch for me. I knew.

5.) Spinach dip and sweet Hawaiian bread are so delicious together. They should be married. My netflix in bed goes great with spinach dip. 2nd favorite...right after hummus. Hey now, I just like to eat.

6.) An older man walked up to me in the walmart parking lot as I was putting the groceries in my car. He asked if he could take my cart and save me the trip. Geez, I was blessed.

7.) Go grab one of those sweet Christmas cards if you haven't already. Personally, I love seeing everyone's faces all over our house!