Monday, April 16, 2012

let my newness dance all over my..oldness?

 What if I told you within like 3 weeks my husband made the decision that we were going to be part of a new community of believers?

What if I told you that 2 weeks before that I lost my job?

What if I told you that 2 weeks after that the community of believers moved to a new building, and started meeting together on Sunday at 5. 5 p.m. Not a.m.

What are you thinking right now?
I hope you're thinking, "Blessed."

I lost my job just in time to go on spring break with a bunch of middle school kids. My husband and I had the chance to hear their hearts and be in their world for a week. To some it sounds painful.

It was precious. Precious time. God lets us be part of His kingdom. He entrusts us with His word and lets us speak it to the hearts of His precious, precious people. You might not think so, but 6th-8th grade is sweet in all the ways God made them to be sweet. When they're ridiculous, you see sinners just like me. And when you look past that to what God sees in His chosen children, you see all the redemption God has or can pour out on their lives. Precious.

I lost my job just in time for my husband to get a raise. And for me to be at home more often. Precious.

I shut my mouth just in time for my husband to say, "This is where God wants us to go. We're going." Precious grace from Jesus.

We started going just in time to get to know a few and walk into a new place with them.

We gave our hearts to God's people in that community just in time to start having fellowship on Sunday nights. That means we get to spend Sunday morning together, preparing our hearts and cooking and cleaning. Together. Loving on this brand new marriage God has given us. And it is so precious.

22 and without a job is different.
New people are different.
5 o'clock on Sunday nights is different.
Preciously different.

Lord, let your newness in me dance all over my old self and my old situations. Let me see your precious ways.

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Liza said...

It sounds like God is doing some amazing and wonderful things in your life right now. I've always been amazed at God's timing. Looking back you can see how perfectly planned out it all is; even if in the moment it seems scary and impossible.

Found you through Laura's link-up. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Kayla Danelle said...

I love it! It's incredible when we can sit back and just enjoy God making adjustments in our life and not fret over them. :)

Lora said...

found your blog today through bits of splendor. i'm your newest follower! :) your heart for the Lord is so sweet!

Nessa Bixler said...

i love the places God takes us when we let Him. Beautiful. Glad to have found you.

the lowes said...

oh girl. been there...with the lost jobs, the new community, the precious but uncertain new time at home. and it is JUST that....PRECIOUS. Excited to see what God does for yall in this season!! glad to be new friends!! :) blessings girl.

Jo said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments, sweet ladies!