Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 My best friend, Clarke (who also happens to 
 be my husband), has these dreams.

 I have these dreams.

 Deep down in my heart.

 We want to connect to the world.

 I dream of writing and encouraging and
 helping others recognize God's call for

 Clarke dreams of planting churches and
 mentoring young men.

 I feel God stirring my heart. For days.
 There is a feeling close to discontent, but
 it's not unhappy. Just as if something big
 is coming up and God wants me to see it. And
 be ready.

 He wants me to be ready. So this nervous
 excitement in my stomach reminds me to talk
 to Him. To look for Him. And He is reminding
 me to not give up on the dreams He put in my
 heart. Do not let worldly wisdom snuff out
 the seemingly "wild" dreams you have for
 your life. If they are for the Lord.

 Let God give me words to write. Let God
 prepare us for His people.

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