Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Do we understand?

 Do we ask?

 Do we really want to know?

 I was thinking the other day about what I most want to instill
 in my future children. Obviously a love for Jesus,
 but what after that?
 Kindness? Honesty? Compassion? Service?
 patience?...there are so many things.
 And then I saw it. God opened up my eyes and showed me..how
 much we choose to not "understand" each other. How often we
 choose to not really look and see people, to ask them questions.
 Instead, our pride tells us we already know.
 The best way God has taught me this is by shaking up my world
 with people that love Him and are redeemed..and they have very
 different stories.
 What do you think of a divorced man?
 What about a young mother?
 That girl that everyone sees as cute, but has no substance?
 What about the mean girl?
 The young woman that's been engaged twice already?
 What about the prideful, all-american 21-year-old man?
 Type A church leaders?
 A woman that goes to church without her husband?
 That crazy-faith woman that has cancer and "thinks" God is
 going to heal her?
 For all of them, I want my children to look deeper, to watch
 with Jesus' eyes, and really see the world around them.

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