Friday, May 13, 2011

The magic of ordinary days...

My best friend left for Kenya today. It's her 19th birthday.

On birthdays, we celebrate life. We celebrate the fact that we were given it and how many years we've been part of it. Every birthday we look back on how old we are, all that has happened, or how far we are from where we used to be.

As I eat ice cream, in honor of Aisha Caye, I'm celebrating the fact that God knows the ways we take, our coming and going.

Today I celebrate: That God has taught us His beauty. That His beauty is not as well seen in perfect birthdays with presents, but that His beauty is seen in the unexpected. Birthdays spent on flights to Kenya. Birthdays spent preparing for 10 unplanned weeks of adventure, learning to live and love in Mombasa. Because really, birthdays are His day...the day he began to let us see that He can make our mess into something beautiful.

Aisha Caye, that you were born is just the beginning....that you are able to truly live through Him is what makes every day, birthday or not, the real celebration. I love you, always. -Jo

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